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Lazy Monday

11 Jul

DJ set at The Key Club (on the Sunset strip)

This weekend was full of resting, relaxing, strawberry margaritas, grilling, and all around laziness. A few friends, my boyfriend, and I went to see another friend perform at The Plush Lounge, a VIP suite underneath The Key Club, on Friday night and it was so much fun! Other than that today is going to be a day of errands and making Harry Potter plans for the weekend. Oh, there was also a Dodgers game involved!  What did you do this weekend? Fill me in!

P.S. Changes are a-comin’ on this blog. BIG. THINGS. I’m super excited to share them with you (although I can’t yet.) But they involve you (readers) and potentially goodies (for you) and it might also involve shopping. Or not. Maybe. (Hint hint…) Get pumped :) Continue reading

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