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Save or Splurge: Timex for J.Crew and Target!

11 Dec

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I am loving the retro look of the Timex for J.Crew collaboration, but at the $150 – $195 price point, they’re a little hefty for something that I don’t want to wear all the time. Luckily, this season there is also a fabulous Timex capsule collection for Target called Mix it, Switch it, Love it that is way more in line for ladies on a budget! Compare the two lines below and share your opinion in the comments: would you save or splurge on this one??

Timex for J.Crew Vintage Field Army Watch, $150.

Timex for Target Weekender Slip Through Watch in Olive, $34.99. (P.S. the straps are changeable and only cost $6.99 each!)


Timex for J.Crew 1600 Watch, $195.

Timex Round Case Watch, $39.99. (P.S. this version also has changeable straps which are just $9.99 each!)

It’s really interesting to see how the collections are so similar. I love that Timex does different collaborations for people with varying budgets. What are your favorite pieces from the collections? Would you spend or save on these?

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New Product Crush: Güd by Burt’s Bees

23 Nov

I was roaming the aisles of Target the other day when something new caught my eye. I was looking for a new body wash to try when I spotted Güd products, a new line by Burt’s Bees brand. They all smelled wonderful, but I went home with the Vanilla and Rice Milk body wash and am absolutely in love! Not only is my skin the softest it’s ever been, but I love that it is made of all natural ingredients with no petro chemicals, or artificial dyes or fragrances. If you “like” them on Facebook this week, you can even get a $1 off coupon so that you can try them out too! So far my impression of this new line is fabulous and I can’t wait to try out more of their products. Have you tried any of the Güd products? What did you think? Which flavor is your favorite?

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Top Picks: Neiman Marcus for Target Holiday Collection

15 Nov

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that a ton of fabulous designers have collaborated with Target and Neiman Marcus for a special holiday collection that will be available for sale online and in stores beginning on December 1st! The complete lookbook is officially out and here are a few of my top picks from some amazing designers!

These cute metallic pouches from Marc Jacobs are $69.99 and would be great for storing special jewelry!

Maybe I just can’t wait to see Anna Karenina when it comes out, but there’s just something wonderful about this cape. It seems so… classy? This is the perfect thing for special occassions. Prabal Gurung, $79.99.

I need another dress like a hole in my head but there is something so elegant and timeless about this Robert Rodriguez piece. I especially love the scalloped neckline and the sweet lace. $99.99.

At only $24.99, this Tory Burch thermos is the perfect gift for your girlfriends who can’t get enough of their holiday Starbucks drinks!

What are your favorite items from the collection? Will you be hitting Target as the store opens to get your hands on these goods?



Black Friday Haul

26 Nov

Boy did I do a number this year. I got some awesome deals and I can’t wait to tell you about them. I started my Black Friday technically on Thanksgiving Thursday, when 2 of my best girl friends and I headed to the outlet mall in Round Rock (the enormous one in San Marcos gets a little too cray cray for us) at 10pm for some deals. Here’s what I scored: (P.S. click the photos to purchase!)

First stop, Ralph Lauren. Ended up getting a blue and white striped classic oxford. Regular price $89.50, on sale at the outlet for $54.50, black friday price down to $38.50. Second place I lucked out was Eddie Bauer. I’ve never really bought anything from there before, but I was in the market for a puffer vest and the ones in the window caught my eye. I was really impressed by the quality and customer service at the store, and walked out with a hunter green 100% goose down puffer vest with beautiful brown toggle closures that’s good to 20°F, so I think that’ll take care of me (ha.) The original price was $129.99, the outlet price was $89.99, and my final cost with special sales was $48.

Then we get to American Apparel. A few weeks ago, I bought the $50 for $100 Groupon that went out knowing that I needed to stock up on a few basics, specifically the “winter leggings” that will keep your legs cozy in the arctic and which seem to have become my daily staple when the Doppler dips below 70°. (Hey, I’m southern born and bred, what can I say.) Not only was I going to maximize my groupon savings by getting AA outlet prices on the leggings, but it turns out that they surprisingly had buy one, get one half off everything in the store. The total regular retail value of the 3 pairs of leggings and one long sleeved tunic-y shirt I purchased was $140. What did I pay? Exactly my groupon to the dime, so, $50. Can you say steal?

Fast forward about 2 hours and J. Crew finally opens, where I snagged a light wash denim button down half off, from $62.50 to $31.25 after sales and my student discount. Next up the outlet mall was starting to get ugly hectic so we maneuvered our way out of the parking lot (nearly witnessing an accident and possibly a marriage end on the way) and booked it to Target. I bought a door-buster flannel button-down for $10 and a camera tripod for $24. It wasn’t on sale… but, it’s what I wanted. So expect to see a bunch of outfit posts and vlogs in the future… speaking of, I have an extra special surprise to announce in a few weeks related to vlogging so get excited!


So just in case you haven’t been keeping up with the math, here’s a summary of the specifics. Total retail value of all goods purchased: $461.99 Total amount paid: $191.75 Savings: 59.5%…. NOT TOO SHABBY! (Note: calculations done without tax for simplification purposes.) So basically, by being willing to fight the crowds in the cold for 4 hours (okay it was in the 50s it was manageable I’m just a baby) I saved almost 60% of my money to do something more important with. (AKA, buy presents for my sorority sisters- but more on that later :)

Well I think that’s about it for now… are you a black Friday shopper? What about Cyber Monday? What deals did you find??

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Missoni for Target Preview!

26 Aug

I’m baaaaaaack! And I come baring gifts. Gifts in the form of some juicy press photos of the upcoming Missoni capsule collection for Target! In the 3 weeks I was MIA from the blogosphere, I helped my sorority attain a new pledge class of 92 (!!!!) fabulous, beautiful young women, and also began my first week of Junior year. Classes are shaping up to be especially difficult this semester, but hopefully everything will work out. Without further delay, here’s some eye candy just in time for the weekend :)

I love that maxi skirts are still going to be in for fall!

I am also loving the chic poncho/cape trend, so 70's!

Another trend I noticed throughout the styling is a minidress/shorts/skirt paired with tights and ballet flats. This promises to be a very chic alternative to the leggings + boots staple of autumns past.

For the love of Marc Jacobs! High-waisted knit Missoni shorts?? Not sure I can pull these off, but props to anyone who can make them work, I applaud you.

Neon zigzag ballet flats. Need I say more?

I secretly adore knit stockings and am so glad they will apparently be easier to find this year! I'm excited to give them a try in lieu of leggings, or layer them under skinny jeans when it gets colder.

This cozy throw has major vintage appeal and looks oh-so-soft!

These are just a sampling of my absolute favorites, but the collection also includes boys, girls, and baby, not to mention tons of adorable kitchen, desk, and home goods! The items will be available in Target stores nationwide from September 13th until October 22nd. What’s your favorite piece? Are you a Missoni fan? What do you think of the collection? Fill me in people, I’ve missed y’all!! Continue reading

Hand Candy (outfit post)

3 Aug

Zara top, Martin + Osa belt, Abercrombie & Fitch shorts

You’re Invited!…. to the arm party, that is. Today’s Bloggers Do It Better challenge was all about eye candy for the arm. Here’s a little summer outfit I put together to showcase some of my favorite bangles, bracelets, and rings. Welcome to the wrist fiesta :)

From left to right: Target bangle, Charming Charlie stretch bracelet, Sam Moon bangle, Leighelena jigsaw clasp leather cuff

Middle finger: vintage initials from my mom, Index finger: Pearl ring from Armadillo Art Bazaar

From left to right: Rhinestone peace sign and leather wrap bracelet given by my boyfriend's cousin, vintage tennis bracelet handed down from Nana

Index finger: vintage onyx and diamond, Ring finger: vintage from Great Auntie

True story: I was going to wear some adorable gold sandals with this outfit but I accidentally packed them before realizing I hadn't taken these pictures yet. Only further proving that fashion bloggers are far more imperfect than perfect :)

Which ones are your favorite? What do you like to layer?




Paradise Cove Beach, Malibu (an outfit post)

30 Jun

Dipping my feet in at Paradise Cove, Malibu

Long holiday weekend means the executives in my office are out and the assistant I answer to told me to take it easy. In my mind that means she just gave me permission to stop working and write a blog post, right? Okay don’t answer that. Either way, last weekend B, his brother J, and his girlfriend L and I all spent a day on the beach in Malibu. Blankets, snacks, sand, and ocean- it couldn’t have been any better.

Target floral swimsuit. Floppy hat. Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses (mine, Ray Bans his.)

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Tips for International Travel

9 May

I’m so excited that a week from tomorrow I’ll be venturing to Israel for 2 weeks on a school trip and then to France for a week to visit family. I love traveling, and truly enjoy the journey to my destination almost as much as the vacation. Having traveled internationally quite a bit, I thought I’d share a few ideas for how to be comfortable while spending 12+ hours on a plane. I’ll be spending all week purchasing some other travel essentials which of course I’ll share, but in the meantime I’d love to hear what your must-have items are, I’m always looking for new tips!

1. Sleeping mask. The person next to you will watch movies the whole time, and the person on your other side is going to keep their reading light on. If you’re like me and can’t sleep with lights around, you won’t care how dorky you look with this thing on. (Bonus: If you’re planning to rough it at a hostel, most of the windows have more of a sheet covering them than actual draperies… you’ll be glad not to be awoken when the sun rises at 4:30am.)

Product Image pb Pink Eye Mask

Target, $7.99

2. Travel pillow. You’ll be thrilled you have this not only for the plane, but also for long bus rides. Plus, many hostels and cheaper hotels just provide you with one pillow… and chances are you might not want your head right on top of it. This special pillow I learned about from my boyfriend, it folds in like…. literally a trillion different ways- perfect for wrapping around your neck, behind your back, or under your head.

The Total Pillow, $14.95

3. Noise-cancelling headphones. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for great silencing headphones. In fact, the majority of people can barely tell the difference between the $50 and $100 models. This Sony set I bought for my introductory film making class, and they’re fantastic. They’re super lightweight, and even fold up to the size of your palm. They’re great for watching movies on the plane, or just silencing noise from the street once in your hotel.

Product Image Sony Noise Cancelling Over-the-Ear Headphones (MDRNC7BLK) with Carrying Case - Black

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones from Target, $49.99

4. Fuzzy socks. Typically when traveling domestically on planes I like to wear leggings and boots. However, I won’t be needing heavy footwear in the middle east during June, so I’d rather wear flip flops, which are much more convenient when going through the complex and lengthy security screenings in Israel. That being said, planes are always freezing, so I like to stash a pair of fuzzy socks in my backpack. They feel like wearing your favorite slippers, which can help you feel cozy and comfy while trying to fall asleep on those long flights.

Old Navy, $5

5. A colorful passport cover. Although most customs screeners will want you to take it off before they actually stamp your passport, keeping a cover on it in the interim will help protect it from damage. Also, a colorful cover (mine is hot pink) makes it easy to locate your passport in the chaos of a large travel bag, and find it quickly. The people behind you in the extraordinarily long customs line will be grateful. TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and other similar places are great stores to find items like this for under $10.

Overstock.com, $13.99

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Monogrammed Rain Boots

4 May

Okay, let’s go ahead and file this under “things I really don’t need and probably won’t get but really really love and am lusting over anyway.” Rain boots are just about the most impractical thing when you live in the middle of the desert. Unless it’s August through October, and then it’s Monsoon season and time to pull out the Hunter’s. But if I lived somewhere else, say, Seattle or so- I think I would need to buy these:

Initial monogrammed rain boots, $89 from Zou Baby

Ummm P.S. they also do greek letter monograms. As in- sorority letters. I’m dying.

Here are some other rain boots which have been on my radar and could be trusty staples during the Texas July thunderstorms: Continue reading

Calypso for Target Preview!

20 Apr

Oh my gosh y’all, I think I died and went to heaven. Calypso St.Barth’s line for Target comes out on May 1st, and I could not be more excited. I have loved this upscale resort wear brand for a long time, and wish I could purchase almost everything in that store for a year of cruising around the world. *sigh* But these steals from Target are pretty great too. Not only did they create a line of clothes, but also accessories and home items with the most wonderful Morrocan vibe. Here are my favorite pieces from the upcoming collection:

Crisp maxi skirt + breezy dyed tank top + light scarf with tassels.

White canvas wedges

Summery place settings, perfect for dinner on the patio.

Silver Moroccan floor poof…totally useless in my house. But awesome.

What do you think of these pieces? What are you looking forward to scooping up from this collaboration? Also… did Calypso St.Barth used to be called Calypso Christian Celle? Am I wrong/what’s up with that, anyone know? Toodles for now and hope everyone’s having a wonderful Passover, or just a fabulous Wednesday :)



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