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TOMS New “One for One” Eyewear Line

20 Jun

After weeks and weeks of posts about my trip to Israel, France, and my move to L.A. I’m finally going to get back to some fashion-related posting. My ideas have been backed up for  months so here goes, but don’t worry, I’ll still be interspersing updates on my internship and more Paris pics throughout the summer :)

You all are probably familiar with TOMS Shoes, a company that combines a for-profit business model with a philanthropic purpose. For every pair of shoes you buy, a pair of shoes are sent to a child without shoes in a third world country. Pretty cool stuff, right? What first began with simple cloth flats has evolved into sneakers, espadrilles, and much more. TOMS recently announced the launch of their brand new eyewear line. Though the sunglasses are a bit pricey, the “one for one” campaign means that for every pair purchased they will help someone in an underdeveloped nation get the corrective glasses or surgery that they need to be successful. They come in a variety of styles and colors, but here are my faves:

The “Classic 101” in navy frames with red stripe. $135.

The “Classic 201” in tortoise frames with light blue stripe. $135. Continue reading
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