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My Last Weekend in Austin

10 Jan

This past weekend was my last in Austin. As you read this, I’m headed to the airport to fly to LAX to see the boyfriend and his family for a day, and then he and I are driving back to school together. I spent my last few days at home seeing as many old friends as possible and doing as many Austin-y things as I could fit in. On Thursday night, my best friend Cassie and I went to First Thursday on South Congress, an area of town which features special vendors, food, and late night shopping on the first Thursday of every month.

One cool and unique aspect of South Congress is a little field full of trailer food vendors of every variety. I don’t know if your cities have hopped on to the trailer food craze, but Austin has been taken by storm! After walking through some of the craft vendors and some clothing boutiques, my best friend and I decided to stop at a stall to get feather extensions put in our hair!

I like them so much I’m even going to get a few more put in! After this spur of the moment fashion impulse decision, we headed down the street to Jo’s Coffee for some snacks.

I had a fantastic chocolate chip cookie and a nice warm hot cocoa (with whipped cream of course!) I also spotted this little flyer on the board there and had to snap a photo:

Notices like this are extremely typical of South Austin, I love the eclectic nature of the area and the wonderful, laid back nature of the people who live there. I managed to make it down to that neighborhood about 3 different times this break, including a few days later to have lunch with my friend Dan at the Torchy’s Taco Trailer. Continue reading

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