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Monogram Mayhem

8 Aug

Posting is going to be extremely limited and most likely non-existent for the next 14 days as I spend time with my sisters preparing for formal recruitment. This is the time when sororities are able to extend bids to new women for membership. It is a super complicated, , amazing, fun, and extremely rewarding process that requires long days and nights, but is ultimately so worth it to find wonderful new sisters! As I said, I’m gonna be tied up at night perfecting my chapter’s skit, but in the meantime, here are some cute greek/monogram accessories that I’m digging during Spirit Week.

So... I may or may not already have two sorority water bottles. But these come in neon and are only $28!

A floppy straw hat is a must in the south! When there's time to lay out on the tanning porch again, my floppy hat is definitely a staple. I love the monogramming! $39.99

These totes are so unique and the colors are completely customizeable, I adore the beachy vibe and fun color options :) $26.95

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