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Love Is In The Air

15 Feb

B and I don’t like to exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, instead opting to spend our money on going out to eat. He and I have a tradition of making each other original cards, using only printer paper and a pen. He and I both procrastinated this year and I may cheat and use a red sharpie. Before you get mad at me he cheated first by buying me roses. Below is an unfortunately low-quality twitpic of the bouquet (and his dog Wrigley.)

Let’s play catch up on my last 5 days shall we? I spent 3 wonderful days in Irvine, CA, with girl friends exploring the beautiful city and eating amazing food. (You lucky SoCal girls with access to Boudin’s sandwiches all the time I’m officially JEALOUS.) Unfortunately I don’t have pictures. I know, I suck. I came home yesterday and due to wonderful flight delays only spent 8 hours in airports and on airplanes (when total flight time should have been 1:15.) My wonderful boyfriend was kind enough to drive out to the airport around 11 Sunday night to rescue me from a tiring day. Continue reading

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