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First 2 Weeks in Tel Aviv

15 Jul

I spent the first 2 weeks of June settling in to my summer abroad in Tel Aviv. I caught up with old friends and family, spent a few days in Jerusalem, and started my internship at an international film financing company. Here are a few of the adventures I had early in the month:

Experiencing Tel Aviv PRIDE 2013 with thousands of people on Gordon Beach

photo (3)

Going out to Par Derriere, an amazingly beautiful outdoor wine bar/patio, for my cousin’s birthday

image_1 (5)

Learning to seek out the “all you can drink” wine bars with my new roommates

image_2 (5)

Walking along Jaffa Port at night, outside Clara nightclub

image_3 (5)

Enjoying the Jaffa Wine Festival with a fellow ADPi sister :)

image_5 (2)

So far I have had such a fun summer working and getting the experience of living outside of the United States. Did you ever study abroad? Where are you traveling to this summer? Can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you!

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